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The contents of this website have been written by members of Mothers and Babies Service, Christchurch, members of The PND Family/Whanau NZ Trust, October 2007 and others, most of whom have been acknowledged below. These contents are not designed to take the place of your own personal professional advice. This website has been endorsed by The Canterbury District Health Board and Access Canterbury Steering Group.

DISCLAIMER. The information and advice found on this website aims to reflect current medical knowledge and practice. However, this is not a substitute for clinical judgement and individual medical advice. The website authors accept no responsibility for any consequences arising from relying upon the information contained on this website.


Trust members (2009):
Dr Debbie Wilson, Perinatal Psychiatrist, Mothers & Babies Service, Christchurch, (website editor)
Dr Denise Nicholson, General Practitioner, Christchurch, (website editor)
Dr Michelle McCarthy, Clinical Psychologist, Erin Griffin, Gordon Hansen, Greta Lewis, Liz Macleod, Louise Burrowes, Sonya Watson.

Advisors to the Trust (2009): Heather Simpson, Rachel Barker, Devon Watson, Russell Lowe, Jacinta Hill, Leanne Addington, Stephanie and Tony Gardiner, Tania Gerard, Kathy Cranston, Bridget Scanlan, Evelyn Tritschler, Melissa Day, Katherine McLeod.


Members of the Mothers & Babies Service, Christchurch (2007): Debbie Wilson, Liz Macdonald, Sue Luty, Michelle McCarthy, Gill Graham, Donna Roberts, Fiona Will, Jean Forward, Eleanor Anderson, Imke Janus, Judy Mayall, Kathryn Whitehead, Ruth Surtees.

Clinical Nurse Specialists (2007): Gill Graham, Lynlee Snell.

Psychiatrists (2007): Debbie Wilson, Liz Macdonald, Sue Luty, Bianca Sava (Waitemata Health, Auckland), Anna Boggis, Nosheen Sheikh (Taranaki DHB, New Plymouth), Mark Huthwaite (Maternal Mental Health, Wellington), Sara Weeks (Auckland), Cathy Hapgood (Waitemata Health, Auckland), Helen Cooney (A+ Health, Auckland), Joanna Prendergast, Caroline Bell.

Paediatricians (2007): Nicola Austin, Catherine Swan.

Psychiatric Registrars (2007): Lisi Petaia, Dorothea Schirgel, Karen Cairns.

Anxiety Disorders Unit (2007), Christchurch: Caroline Bell, Helen Colhoun.

GPs: Denise Nicholson, Rebecca Nicholls.

Physiotherapist: Rosemary Mannering.

Father and Child Trust: Harold Breiding-Buss.

Midwife: Liz Macleod.

Members of Maternal Mental Health,Wellington: Kitty Marshall.

Postnatal Adjustment Programme Christchurch (Plunket) (2007): Maria van der Plaas, Robyn Aitken.

Plunket: Louise Burrowes

Pharmacist: Jane Webb, PMH


We thank the following organisations for supporting the Trust and website during 2012/2013:

Department of Internal Affairs - Lottery Grants
Department of Internal Affairs - Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS)
The Canterbury Community Trust
Christchurch City Council
Whittakers Chocolates



Judith Stone for her proof reading and editing
John Truesdale for website help
Wired Internet Group: Janet, Mike, Cook and Stuart for their wonderful design, great support, patience and help in developing this site.
Bianca Sava for her online versions of the EPDS and the PBQ.
Adam Saywell for design of tables
Caxton Press, for the flyers and posters, especially Janice Page & Rowen, Lorene Soli.
Bounty Services Limited, Christchurch for enclosing our flyers in new mother packs and their support of our website.


With special thanks to

All those wonderful people who have supplied their stories
All those who have read our drafts and supplied criticism and support

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