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Postnatal Depression

“I started to fall to pieces and think I was not coping as a mum. I was not doing things right as a mum and that I was failing as a mother”
- Jenny

“I sat there and bawled for hours and hours. I just sat there and felt a shambles. I remember sitting here in the middle of the room looking around and thinking how do I clean that up... not knowing how to clean it up.”
- Jane

Worried Frown

What is postnatal depression?

Everybody feels down from time to time but depressive illness is more than that. It is when several symptoms occur over the same time period.

The symptoms of depression are:



Low/Flat Mood

and Pains



and Thinking


Depression can range from mild to severe

Postnatal depression is very similar to clinical depression occurring at any other time except that there is the added complication of a baby (or two!). Psychiatrists call clinical depression a “major depressive episode” or for people who have suffered from more than one episode “depressive disorder”.

Severe depression is a serious illness and needs assessment and treatment. 


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