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DISCLAIMER. The information and advice found on this website aims to reflect current medical knowledge and practice. However, this is not a substitute for clinical judgement and individual medical advice. The website authors accept no responsibility for any consequences arising for relying upon the information contained on this website.


The following section provides information on self care and talking treatments and overview of medication is given. More detailed information regarding medication can be found in the medication section.

The information here is given in the hope that it will facilitate the best possible treatment for you or those close to you. However, general information does not always fit a specific individual.

This section should not substitute for a consultation with a mental health professional. Information cannot replace a good face-to-face interaction between someone in need and their support people or carers.

What is important?

  • Treatment offered by a professional should be based on a thorough and sensitively carried out assessment.
  • Treatment is seldom one thing and it should be offered in the context of a relationship with someone.
  • Respect and concern are the cornerstones of a good therapeutic relationship. It is important that this is a partnership where the ‘patient’ or ‘consumer’ participates in the process.
  • Remember, it is OK to ask questions and participate in the decision making process.

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