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( This information is not a replacement for full discussion of Risks and Benefits with your Doctor).

Other Names: Risperdal

Pharmacological Category: Antipsychotic, Atypical or second generation.

Principal Uses:
Schizophrenia and other Psychotic disorders. Acute manic or mixed episodes of Bipolar Disorder Treatment of irritability/ aggression associated with Autistic Disorder. Also effective in difficult to treat depression, bipolar disorder mania, personality disorders, conduct and other disruptive behavioural disorders.

Cost: Fully Subsidized on doctorís prescription.

Dose: Usual range 0.5-6mg/day.The dose is usually increased according to clinical response and tolerability.

Possible Side Effects Include: 
Sedation, anxiety, headache, restlessness, dry cough, gastrointestinal upset, skin rash, fatigue, various aches and pains. Uncommonly it may cause blood disorders and metabolic disturbances and sexual dysfunction and movement disorders. If taken in overdose it may cause abnormalities of heart conduction or rhythm and convulsions.

How it works:
The mechanism of action of Risperidone is not well understood, but involves modulation of neurotransmitter activity in brain, particularly some of the serotonergic and dopaminergic systems.

Drug Interactions:
It can interact with alcohol and some other medications, which your doctor will be aware of.

Use in Pregnancy: Category C
Animal studies have shown an adverse effect and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women.
Data are not sufficient to make definitive conclusions regarding the safety of Risperidone during pregnancy therefore it should be used only if the benefits outweigh the risks.

Use in breastfeeding: Category L3
There are no controlled studies in breastfeeding women; however, the risk of untoward effects to a breastfed child is possible and therefore it is advisable not to breast feed if taking risperidone.

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