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This information is not a replacement for full discussion of risks and benefits with you doctor.

Other Names: Apo-zopiclone; Imovane

Principal Uses: Short-term (2-4 weeks) for treatment of insomnia.

Cost: Apo-zopiclone is fully funded.

Dose: The recommended dose is 7.5mg (1 tablet) at night but can be commenced at 3.75mg (half tablet) or increased to 15mg (two tablets) at night.

How it works: Zopiclone works in the brain causing sedation. It aids in falling asleep and decreases waking during the night.

Possible Side Effects: Zopiclone is generally well tolerated. The most common side effects are drowsiness, bitter taste in the mouth, dry mouth and headaches.

Use in Pregnancy: Category C
To date there are not many studies of Zopiclone in pregnancy. The evidence suggests Zopiclone does not cause major abnormalities in the baby.

Use in Breast Feeding:  Category L3
There are few studies on Zopiclone in breastfeeding women. One study showed only small amounts of Zopiclone in breast milk and no adverse effects on the baby.

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