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Cannabis abuse and dependence

These figures are taken from the 2006 New Zealand Mental Health Survey (Te Hinengaro)

  • The prevalence of Cannabis Abuse in New Zealand is 0.9% overall, but 3.2% 16-24yr age group
  • The prevalence of Cannabis Dependence 0.5% overall, but 1.5% in the16-24yr age group
  • Any Substance Disorder 9.6% in 16-24 age group i.e. almost 1in 10 of the 16-24 age group. It is also worth noting that it has been shown that the instruments used in this study may quite likely under report substance disorder.
  • These figures are not gender selected. Although women usually have a lower prevalence use in pregnancy and around a baby is particularly concerning. Furthermore, they and their babies may be greatly affected by a partnerís substance disorder.

For more information

See information for women on Cannabis.

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