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What should you watch for?

The following can be warnings that you might need more help and monitoring in pregnancy;


  • Past depression or anxiety problems.
  • Family history of mental health problems, especially in pregnancy or after delivery.
  • Past abuse, physical or verbal.


  • An unplanned pregnancy which has been difficult to accept.
  • Lengthy time trying to get pregnant especially having had fertility treatments or recurrent miscarriages.
  • A stressful, difficult or complicated pregnancy.
  • A previous difficult pregnancy, labour or delivery.
  • Previous loss of a baby, stillbirth, SIDS, miscarriage, abortion.


  • Poor or absent partner support.
  • Poor or absent family/whanau support.
  • Poor or absent close friendships.
  • Geographic isolation.


  • Poor financial support, a need to keep working as long as possible in the pregnancy.
  • Problems adjusting to stopping/starting work.
  • Moving house, significant house renovations.
  • High expectations of “being the perfect mother”.

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