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A phobia is an extreme, unreasonable fear in response to something specific.

A phobia is only considered a problem when it keeps you from living a normal life.

Common phobias include; heights, needles, confined spaces, bridges, spiders and insects.

Phobias of babies and childbirth

Some women can become fearful of their baby and develop a phobia of their baby. There can be many reasons for this (see section PTSD.)

Some women can become fearful of chilbirth and develop a phobia of childbirth(called tokophobia.)

Women who have no past experience of trauma can also become overwhelmed with caring for their baby. This can lead to a loss of confidence and women find that their babyís normal activities, such as waking, crying or feeding, fills them with dread and anxiety. This may then lead to avoidance of caring for the baby. These women therefore need support in order to help lessen their anxiety and rebuild their confidence.

I started to fall to pieces and think that I was not coping as a mum and not doing things right and that I was failing as a mum. I completely abdicated from the role and let everyone else care for her. I thought they could do it better and I just got so scared of getting it wrong, every time she cried I panickedÖ.in the end I wasnít doing anything.
- Tracy

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