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The Blues

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The ‘Blues’ are very common and approximately 50-80% of women will experience these in the week after having a baby.

The ‘Blues’ consist of feeling more emotional and vulnerable than usual.

There may be unexplained times of crying, feeling very sensitive to the comments of others, or possibly irritability.

The ‘Blues’ usually come on between three to five days following the birth of the baby and can last from a few hours to a couple of days.

It will go away of its own accord and is best helped by understanding and support from those around.

When are the blues not the blues?

If the blues are:

  • Associated with bizarre thoughts or behaviour;
  • Last more than two days;
  • Interfere significantly with the mothers functioning;
  • Cause anyone marked distress and worry.

Then professional help should be sought as this is probably not the ‘blues’ but the beginning of something more serious.

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